How To Connect with Visitors using Planning Center Online

Guest Post from PCO Guru: Well, you made it. It’s the week after Easter, and God did INCREDIBLE things as we celebrated the victory of Jesus last Sunday! We also likely had A LOT of new faces come around. If you’re anything like me, then there’s only one question on your mind: HOW DO WE GET THESE FOLKS CONNECTED?!? Fortunately for you, you’re using Planning Center - a powerhouse of a ChMS that gives you all the tools you need to not just get these new Easter people connected but will help you to create systems to keep this up all year long. A key tool we’ll be talking about today are Workflows - which are essentially PROCESSES. More specifically, they are typically a DIGITAL representation of a PHYSICAL process you’re already doing! I want to give you 3 practical things you can do TODAY to sure up your ability to get people connected at your church using a Workflow.
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