Dev Log

Dec 18, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Added ability to filter plusapi event json for coming Calendar View Embed
  • The filter broke the event embed. (Sorry)
  • Fixed the event embed.

Nov 30, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed timezone issue that could cause an event on last day of the month to show up in the following month. - Tim
  • Fixed Dev Log formatting - Ron

Nov 20, 2021
Tim Anderson

Nov 19, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • I'm tired. I've been going hard at this.
  • Started the morning calling church members who are sick.
  • I'm so thankful I get to be a pastor. What a privilege.
  • I've been adding features fairly quickly. As I go back and poke at them I'm seeing cosmetic bugs
    • There are edge cases where the demo's aren't working if someone isn't logged in.
    • If someone is logged in but doesn't have groups access then groups don't show. . . But there's isn't anything indicating why this is happening.
    • If a user is logged in and doesn't have events then the event embed demo doesn't load. This makes it look broken.

Nov 18, 2021
Ron Hudson

Today I'm still fighting bugs in the Daily Email Recipe(Beta) to get it ready for launch. This morning the emails did not send. Time zones are hard. I have built in timezone support, but apparently the updated code wasn't picked up by the daily background task that looks at each user's saved email settings and triggers the emails because that task was triggered before that code was updated.

I also found bugs in the logic that scans the PCO API to determine birthdays, anniversaries and new profiles. I needed to strip timezone from the date-time objects that are used to calculate age and years married.

It seems the emails and schedules should work now.

First we make it work, then we optimize code, then we make it look pretty.

Nov 17, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Added Daily Report Email Recipe (Beta)
    • I'm Testing it and will be making tweaks to how it looks, but I believe the functionality is done.
    • Added Demo Data
  • Fixed extra demo header showing on Last Served Recipe
  • Implemented Fix for Daily Email Timezone conflict

Nov 16, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed Last Served Positions Bug that added +1 to Confirmed / Unconfirmed count
  • Added Change Log
  • Added ability to randomly show "Featured Post" from the chefblog on the main page rather than just the most recent
  • Fixed Screenshot on Giving Report Email
  • Added status page.
  • Fixed Times on Event Embed
    • If an event has multiple times, all Public times will now show on the embed.