Dev Log

May 24, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Added Net to Donations Activity Data feed
  • Updated Net to show zero if donation failed on both Donations Totals, and Activity feeds
  • Fixed math on refunds on Donations feeds
  • Added Ordering of columns for all feeds.
  • Back-end update work to prepare for automated partial/complete feed updates
  • Added Refund amount Column on Donations Totals and activity feeds
  • Fixed excel floating point numbers being recorded as text for dollar amount columns

Mar 28, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed bug where all day events in registrations embed didn't display correctly.

March 12, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed People Export Messy data
  • Added default sorting to all the feeds
  • Fixed Giving Donations Feed not showing fee amounts
  • Fixed Giving Donations Feed not showing correct refund status
  • Fixed Check Ins Events Feed not showing all Headcounts
  • Changed People Data Feed to put multiple phone numbers in single column separated by ; for easier parsing

March 8, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • changed pco_id from “guest” to “0” on Check-ins people Activity feed. This is to help scripts parsing this feed.
  • fixed groups people activity feed showing people feed instead of groups people activity feed.
  • Added tags to Groups Events feed
  • Fixed some headcount data not showing in checkins events feed

Feb 28, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • fixed bug in registrations
  • fixed bug in cache
  • fixed bug causing very large set of groups not to cache (I think)

Feb 27, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Many infrastructure updates behind the scenes
  • I'm moving everything off of heroku and that is painful and slow
  • Fixed two registrations embed issues
  • Removed "Stamps" column from Donor Activity Feed
  • Increased memory on the web workers
  • Vastly increased background worker memory allotment.
  • The Data Feeds are causing a lot of strain on the current infrastructure so that all has to be upgraded.
  • Moved Database, Redis, Memcache, and Webserver to new provider with vastly more system resources.

Feb 14, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Added restart logic to Giving Donations Totals data feed

Feb 13, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed Bug causing some events and groups not to update
  • Optimized background tasks to ensure cache update is more robust
  • Added ability to restart Giving Donation Activity Data feed if it fails so we don't have to start from the beginning.
  • All data feeds will be updated this way soon

Feb 9, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed regression bug where cached Lists would not load properly resulting in page crash on the giving report email

Feb 8, 2024
Ron Hudson

Several updates to data feeds:

Group Events Feed:

  • event_name_id
  • event_name
  • event_type_id
  • event_type_name
  • group_type_id
  • group_type_name

Donations Activity Feed:

  • Added batch number and batch group number
  • Added "stamps" field that additionally combines existing fields [payment_source, BATCH: batch_id, payment_status, campus]

Added some backend work to make changing account admin. hopefully this will be self service soon.

Feb 7, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Added people list cache to handle very large lists of lists that would crash giving report recipe when a user with a lot of lists tries to load the recipe.

Feb 5, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Added all_keys key to all datafeed metadata. This fixed a bug where some of the headers on csv and xlsx exports were not correct.
  • Spent some time exploring church center import format. I think I could make a datafeed that would work for that.
  • Finished beta of People Data Feed
  • Set giving report to be authored by GivFlow for the sponsorship
  • Changed the Data Feed Export Filenames to "{datajob.type} {updated_at} {feed_id}.extension". This makes it easier to know what file goes with each feed and when the file was updated.

Feb 2, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Removed Google Analytics for better privacy
  • Made the giving report email free due to GivFlow Sponsorship
  • Changed Price of Premium Tier
  • Added Data Feeds to pricing tiers
  • Lots of style tweaks to Jumbotron, Blog roll, and Blog page. It's still pretty ugly, but it's 20% less ugly.

Feb 1, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Reformatted the Daily Email Recipe Configuration to make it more clear that this recipe is for staff and not the birthday Boy/Girl
  • Published Data Feed Recipe
  • Add Giving Donor Totals Data Feed

Jan 31, 2024
Ron Hudson

  • Upgraded Python Version
  • Upgraded Framework Major Version
  • Added Registrations CSS Recipe
  • Added Data Feeds Recipe
  • Upgraded Memcache versions
  • Upgraded lots of libraries
  • Cleaned DB
  • Fixed Timezone Issues on Giving Report Recipe
  • Fixed Demo Preview when not logged in on Giving Report Recipe

Dec 28th, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Updated Registrations reoccurring events embed bug that shows first time rather than next time on the tile view.
  • Upgraded search on Groups Embed. It should be more strict and performant
  • Added Check-ins Event data feed. It shows data based on Check-ins events

Nov 28, 2023
Ron Hudson

Lots of background work happening.

Oct 24, 2023
Ron Hudson

Oct 19, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Added back-end support for new data feeds recipes (coming soon)

Oct 10, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed links not working on calendar embed popup modal

Sep 27, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Updated Back-end Libraries
  • Fixed Bug causing events not to update
  • Fixed Bug causing registrations not to update
  • Security Patches

Sep 26, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Security Patches

Sep 25, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed a bug that was causing background updates to stop for groups
  • Fixed a bug that was causing background updates to fail when a group type had been deleted.
  • Updated internal troubleshooting page with services dashboard and groups dashboard last_cached times

Aug 31, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • CSS Events Recipe Updates
    • Added gui for tags
    • Added gui for all or any tags
    • Added gui for Future (Yesterday forward), This Month (30 days), ALL (including one month earlier)
    • Various style changes
      • Date range now shows month day and year
  • Back end work on Registrations CSS embed
  • Beta test Registrations CSS Embed
  • Back-end Work on cache update progress bar
  • Fixed Registrations api endpoint
  • Compressed Registrations cache
  • Fixed bug on Groups Dashboard
  • Fixed Bug on Services Dashboard
  • Added Locations to registrations embeds and api

Aug 9, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Changed multi date listing on registrations events to show date and time instead of just time.
  • I've made a lot of back end upgrades but didn't update the dev log.
  • All json cache is now compressed allowing the storing of more events and groups.
  • I built a task to constantly monitor subscriber cache times and email me if a subscriber's cache gets too old so I know to address it.
  • People asked for the dashboards to be publicly available without logging in so that is currently the default. I'll make it configurable if people ask for it.
  • I've upgraded the screenshot functions which fixed a bug in sharing people forms.
  • People forms with workflows still break
  • Groups dashboard is live

July 10, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed error on the message sending recipe when there are not enough credits in planning center. It now gives an error and has a button to go add more credits.

June 13, 2023
Ron Hudson

Lots of changes

June 6, 2023
Ron Hudson

Fixed bug where a position was deleted, or archived or doesn't exist but is still referenced in PCO api. This should fix the services dashboard issue some churches were having.

May 9, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Bug Fixes and Security Patches

APR, 12, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Began work on Services Dashboard Plus Recipe
  • Fixed bug where recipe would not import when it had 99 imports
  • Security Fixed

Mar, 25 2023
Ron Hudson

Feb 2, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Upgraded underlying framework to next major version
  • Upgraded cms to next major version
  • Upgraded many packages.

Jan 28, 2023
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed events to show "All Day" if the event is an all day event
  • Fixed multi day events to show multiple days on the tiles view
  • Fixed tag filters so that it will show events the way calendar tags work. It will show all events containing at least All of the tags.
  • Added option of 'or' tags. In the url if you use 'or' as the first tag it will only show events with the exact tags you specified.
  • Added tag list to the plusapi/<pco-id>/events json feed
  • Fixed the detail on the react embed so the rich formatting renders correctly
  • Removed the need for trailing / on the css events embed so it works on more sitebuilders
  • Added deceased to daily email recipe
  • Added GivFlow Report Recipe
  • Removed social share icons on recipe card footers
  • Moved PCO icon on Recipe cards to the footer
  • Fixed the registration button css collision
  • Fixed multiple css collisions that interfered with other site designs
  • Added a maintenance page in-case site needs to go offline for db maintenence
  • Applied security patches
  • Made background workers more robust
  • Fixed memory leak in background workers
  • Tweaked the chefblog listing design

Ron Hudson

  • Set Groups to only show groups with enrollment open
  • Fixed several css collisions on the css events embed that caused it to change other elements on sites.
  • Made css embed more robust so it works on more site builders like snappages
  • Wrote Custom Tab Data Class generator for some new upcoming reports
  • Doing work to make reports that use custom tabs easier to share
  • Wrote some back end code to start sermons embed :)

Quick Message Recipe
Ron Hudson

I wanted to be able to send a quick txt to our Prayer Chain List. This feature was not available in the People App on my iPhone. So I built a quick recipe. Select the list, generate the message send link, and then book mark that page to quickly send a message to a list any time. You'll need to be logged into pcochef for it to work, and it will user your Planning Center Messaging Credits. Click here for the recipe.

FIXED: Event's Not Properly Loading On CSS Eembed
Ron Hudson

There was a bug where the demo events were displaying rather than the proper church events. When I first built pcochef it really only used the people and services api for liquid reports. So I assumed that I'd be safe to get the Time Zone data from the people api. However some people revoke people access, or just use a pco account without people access. This broke the embed. I totally get wanting to shield people api so I reworked the Time Zone logic to try People, Services, Calendar, & Check-ins. Groups doesn't seem to provide the timezone unfortunately. This should make the events embeds more stable.

Aug 24, 2022
Ron Hudson

  • Added Verse Image Embed
  • Added New CSS Events Embed with deep links
  • Fixed Groups Embed not sorting Alphabetically
  • Working on hiding unpublished group tags

FIXED: Events Not Updating
Ron Hudson

There was a change in the api naming that caused events to stop updating. This has been resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience.


May 20, 2022
Ron Hudson

The plusapi endpoint now lets you filter and display a single event.

This is all the events.

This is a list of all events with <event_id><event_id>

This is a single event instance.<event_id>?event_instance_id=<event_instance_id>

You can get these from the address url in Planning Center Calendar when you open a single event.

If you have any questions use the help link in the top right.

April 7, 2022
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed several Date Display Bug on embed
  • Fixed events that overlap months
  • added Master List Report

April 1, 2022
Ron Hudson

  • Added code blocks to the chef blog
  • Bumped Event Cache to 130 Days
  • Added Receipt Emails From Stripe
  • Fixed Support Form not actually notifying me.
  • Answered 30+ support requests.
  • Stayed up too late.
  • Various bug fixes and updates.
  • Added Code Hilighting to all Liquid Reports
  • Ok Going to bed for real now.

  • Good Morning!
  • Style Tweaks on the code block
  • Back-end updates preparing for new features

March 30, 2022
Ron Hudson

  • add member status to daily email report
  • security updates
  • update dev environment for better cache testing

March 4, 2022
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed bug that would fail to load groups embed because we were unable to find the church center url.

March 1, 2022
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed a Bug where only half a month would load when it landed in middle of the cached events.
  • Fix Pco Request Exception for groups refresh when subscribed user doesn't use groups.

Feb 24, 2022
Ron Hudson

  • Bug fixes, & Security Updates
  • Added automated failed payment emails
  • Preliminary code for Automated Giving Report Email back-end
  • Bump versioning on CMS
  • Updated Copyright Date

Dec 18, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Added ability to filter plusapi event json for coming Calendar View Embed
  • The filter broke the event embed. (Sorry)
  • Fixed the event embed.

Nov 30, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed timezone issue that could cause an event on last day of the month to show up in the following month. - Tim
  • Fixed Dev Log formatting - Ron

Nov 20, 2021
Tim Anderson

Nov 19, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • I'm tired. I've been going hard at this.
  • Started the morning calling church members who are sick.
  • I'm so thankful I get to be a pastor. What a privilege.
  • I've been adding features fairly quickly. As I go back and poke at them I'm seeing cosmetic bugs
    • There are edge cases where the demo's aren't working if someone isn't logged in.
    • If someone is logged in but doesn't have groups access then groups don't show. . . But there's isn't anything indicating why this is happening.
    • If a user is logged in and doesn't have events then the event embed demo doesn't load. This makes it look broken.

Nov 18, 2021
Ron Hudson

Today I'm still fighting bugs in the Daily Email Recipe(Beta) to get it ready for launch. This morning the emails did not send. Time zones are hard. I have built in timezone support, but apparently the updated code wasn't picked up by the daily background task that looks at each user's saved email settings and triggers the emails because that task was triggered before that code was updated.

I also found bugs in the logic that scans the PCO API to determine birthdays, anniversaries and new profiles. I needed to strip timezone from the date-time objects that are used to calculate age and years married.

It seems the emails and schedules should work now.

First we make it work, then we optimize code, then we make it look pretty.

Nov 17, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Added Daily Report Email Recipe (Beta)
    • I'm Testing it and will be making tweaks to how it looks, but I believe the functionality is done.
    • Added Demo Data
  • Fixed extra demo header showing on Last Served Recipe
  • Implemented Fix for Daily Email Timezone conflict

Nov 16, 2021
Ron Hudson

  • Fixed Last Served Positions Bug that added +1 to Confirmed / Unconfirmed count
  • Added Change Log
  • Added ability to randomly show "Featured Post" from the chefblog on the main page rather than just the most recent
  • Fixed Screenshot on Giving Report Email
  • Added status page.
  • Fixed Times on Event Embed
    • If an event has multiple times, all Public times will now show on the embed.