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Givflow Sponsored our Giving Report!

GivFlow provides you with actionable insights so you can grow your donors and retain them for longer. They have generously sponsored our Giving Report Email for the whole year!

Sponsored By Givflow!

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Chef Ron Hudson

New PCO Registrations CSS Embed

This new PCO Registrations CSS Embed pulls directly from Planning Center Registrations. If you do not use Planning Center Calendar this will work great for your church. The CSS embed allows for more custom styling and when people click events they load right in the page rather than using a popup or redirecting to another page. This is the most seamless registrations embed for Planning Center available.

CSS Registrations Embed
Chef Ron Hudson

New Recipe Groups Attendance Dashboard

Fresh out of the oven! A new plus recipe that shows Groups Attendance! The big question is who do I need to follow up with? This recipe answers that question for groups! You can see at a glance which groups have taken attendance and which haven't. You can also see all the other metrics at a glance.

Chef Ron Hudson

New PCO Registrations Embed

This new PCO Registrations Embed pulls directly from Planning Center Registrations. If you do not use Planning Center Calendar this will work great for your church.

Chef Ron Hudson

New Services Needed Positions Dashboard!

When you have several service types and a bunch of teams it can be difficult to know if all your teams are good to go for the weekend. As a ministry leader it feels like at least half my job is following up to help people follow through.

Services Needed Positions Dashboard
Chef Ron Hudson

Use CSS Embed with Splashpages and Other site builders

The css embed is an advanced embed that allows deep linking to all your events without popups or leaving your site! For many website builders it works by just pasting the whole embed wherever you like. Some site builders like splash pages need a little more work to make the advanced css embed load properly. This article will explain what tweaks to make to get the embed working properly.

Chef Ron Hudson

How To Connect with Visitors using Planning Center Online

Guest Post from PCO Guru: Well, you made it. It’s the week after Easter, and God did INCREDIBLE things as we celebrated the victory of Jesus last Sunday! We also likely had A LOT of new faces come around. If you’re anything like me, then there’s only one question on your mind: HOW DO WE GET THESE FOLKS CONNECTED?!? Fortunately for you, you’re using Planning Center - a powerhouse of a ChMS that gives you all the tools you need to not just get these new Easter people connected but will help you to create systems to keep this up all year long. A key tool we’ll be talking about today are Workflows - which are essentially PROCESSES. More specifically, they are typically a DIGITAL representation of a PHYSICAL process you’re already doing! I want to give you 3 practical things you can do TODAY to sure up your ability to get people connected at your church using a Workflow.

Chef Ron Hudson

Apple Shortcut to Get Today's Birthdays from Planning Center API

Today, we have a guest post from Matt Thomas who works for Curate Church in New Zealand as a Digital Innovation Developer. Before this he was a Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator. You can contact him at

Chef Ron Hudson

How To use PCO Chef Embeds on Nucleus

Web design is hard. That's why the pcochef embeds are so great. They do a lot of tedious work for you. But some site builders don't like our embed code and need a little extra help to get going. Here are the steps for adding pcochef embeds to sites built using

Chef Ron Hudson

Anouncing Chef Plus!

I launched pco chef about two years ago with the goal of helping churches do more ministry less paperwork. The idea is that if we share our administrative tools across churches then we all get better. To date we've helped almost 500 churches do more ministry less paper work!

Chef Ron Hudson

PCO Master Chefs!

The content on pcochef is contributed by people just like you! You too can become a Master Chef just by sharing your Report and Form Recipes.

Chef Ron Hudson

Auto Publish Youtube Videos to Planning Center Publishing

This one gets fairly technical. But if you are comfortable with running python from the command line and setting up a cron job then you can easily setup a tab in Planning Center Publisher that will display the latest 10-15 videos from your Church Youtube Channel.

Chef Ron Hudson

Planning Center People Liquid Tag Reference

Here’s a handy list of the tags available in Planning Center People Reports. I’ll do my best to keep this updated.

Chef Ron Hudson

New Chef Blog!

PCO Chef exists to help you save time and do ministry not paperwork. We already have one click import for Planning Center Forms, and Planning Center Reports. Now we're adding articles! From time to time I'll be posting how to articles explaining how to do more complex things. I've also reached out to some of my friends in the Planning Center Online community to make guest posts!

Chef Ron Hudson