What is PCO Chef?

PCO Chef is a free hobby project I created to make sharing “Ministry Recipes” easier. I’m a full time Lead Pastor at a church just south of Pittsburgh. I'm not affiliated with Planning Center. I'm just a fan, and a nerd. We use Planning Center Online for all our church management tools. I’m a big fan of Planning Center and I’m also a developer. So some of my hobby projects cross paths with Planning Center.

How does PCO Chef work?

You can login with your Planning Center Online account. The site uses Oauth2 to authenticate you with Planning Center Online. You can revoke access at anytime at: https://api.planningcenteronline.com/access_tokens.
Once you are logged in then you can do two things:

What is a “Recipe”?

A recipe is not personal data! It is the code to work with data inside your Planning Center. You can share Service Reports, Calendar Reports, People Reports, and People Forms. If you have built something cool inside Planning Center and would like to freely share that with other ministries you can post it here and then you’ll have easily shareable links to share the “Recipe”.

Why Should I Share “Recipes”?

I know how hard it is to write custom reports. It takes a LOT of time. Once I put in all that work I want other Churches to be able to use it. I want those of us who are gifted nerds to be able to share our skills with people who aren’t skilled at writing report code. When you share Planning Center Reports and Forms on pcochef then even non-technical people can easily import your work into their Planning Center with one click. This site wouldn't be possible without our growing list of Master Chefs.

How Much Does This Cost?

It’s free! I pay the server costs. I pay the domain charges. I do all the coding. I just want to serve the Church. In the future I may offer other automations. I reserve the right to charge for those if I feel like it, but the basic functionality of sharing Recipes will always be free.

No Really Why Did You Build this?

I hate administrative tasks. I love coding, creative design, public speaking, building new things and music. I HATE paperwork. This is an elaborate convoluted plan to get other people to do my work for me. Some of you have these amazing lists, and workflows, and I just want to import and use them. So I’m hoping you’ll share so all of us can do ministry not paperwork!

What Other Free Stuff Have You Built?

Can You Build A Custom Report For Me?

I'm not actually a report ninja! I just wanted to build a site for crowd sourcing things you all build. However if you need something really custom these guys can help!