Simple Mail Merge PDF Letter
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This is a simple mail merge letter. Features that can be turned on or off: - Organization Name - Organization Logo in header or footer - Recipient address Read the comments in the report code and edit the body of the letter. Generate a pdf from the list, and it will automatically make sure it is split by page.


Report Preview


How would you like your people sorted? ('first_name', 'last_name')
{% assign sorted_people = people | sort: 'last_name' %}

How would you like your letter signed?
{% assign signature = 'Pastor Ron Hudson'%}

What Organization Logo do you want in your header?
{% assign org_logo = ''%}

Do you want Organization Name in the header?
{% assign org_name = 'true'%}

Do you want Organization Logo in the header?
{% assign org_hlogo = 'true'%}

Do you want Organization Logo in the footer?
{% assign org_flogo = 'false'%}
Do you want Recipient Address in the header?
{% assign rcp_address = 'true'%}


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="utf-8">
    {{ helpers.bootstrap_3 }}
    <!-- This report is styled using the Bootstrap framework. 
				 If you'd rather provide your own styles, add them to the style section below. -->
      	.person { page-break-inside: avoid; page-break-after: always;} {height: 70px;}
      blockquote {
    border-left: none;
  <!-- This is what makes the "Print to PDF" link at the top" -->
    <div class="hidden-print">
      <div class="alert alert-warning hidden-print" role="alert">
        <a href="{{ }}.pdf?list_id={{}}" class="alert-link">Print to PDF</a>
    <!-- This container is what gives your letter margins. -->
    <div class="container">
      {% for person in sorted_people %}
      <!-- Everything in the following "person" div gets repeated for each person in your list -->
      <div class="person">
        <!-- This is where the Letter Content starts the <br> give margin at the top of your page. 
				Add or remove <br> to make it fit your stationary. -->
         {% if org_hlogo != 'false' %}
        	<!-- If your not using a logo delete the <img class="org-logo" src="{{ org_logo }}"></div> line below.
					You can adjust the size by changing height 80px above where it says>   
        	<!-- Make your logo justify right -->
          <div class="pull-right">
         	<img class="org-logo" src="{{ org_logo }}"></div>
         	{% endif %}
        {% if org_name != 'false' %}
          {{ }}</h2><hr>
         {% else %}
         {% endif %}
         <!-- Add or remove <br> to adjust the spacing below Organization Name and the salutation. -->
         <!-- This is the Address on the right hand side. -->  
         {% if rcp_address != 'false' %}

          <div class="text-right text-muted">
            {% if person.addresses != empty %}
                          {% for address in person.addresses %}
                              {{ address.postal_address }} <!--({{ address.location }})-->
                          {% endfor%} 
            <!-- If there's no address keep the spacing the same on the letter! -->
            {% else %}
            {% endif %}
            {% endif %}
          <!-- This is the Salutation. -->  
          <div class="media-body">
          <h4 class="media-heading">Welcome to PCOchef 
                  {{ person.last_name }}
                  {{ person.name_suffix }}Family!
            <!-- This is the body of your letter. Put two <br> at the end of each paragraph. -->

Welcome to! I hope this neat little tool helps people do ministry faster with fewer headaches.<br>
              There's so many great ideas shared on how to speed up and streamline ministry I pray this site makes it easier to do less paperwork and more minstry!
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              <!-- This is the code for the footer logo -->
              {% if org_flogo != 'false' %}
          <div class="pull-right">
         	<img class="org-logo" src="{{ org_logo }}"></div>
         	{% endif %}

    {% endfor %}