Jitsi Meet + Planning Center Groups

Help Jitsi Server Notification Sender

What is this?

This is a tool that bridges the gap between the open source video conferencing solution jitsi-meet and Planning Center Online Groups.

How does this work?

You can login with your Planning Center Online account. The site uses Oauth2 to authenticate you with Planning Center Online. You can revoke access at anytime at: https://api.planningcenteronline.com/access_tokens.
Once you are logged in then you can do three things:

What's included in the emails?

The emails look like this: Responsive image

What do I need to make this work?

You need a jitsi-meet server. I recomend a virtual private server in the cloud that will run a docker container. The upload and download speed of your server is really important. The docker-jitsi-meet project is pretty simple if you're familiar with docker. You'll then need to configure your jitsi-meet server to use jwt authentication. Finally you'll need the PUBLIC URL, JWT_APP_ID, JWT_APP_SECRET. Set these in the Jitsi Configuration Page

How Much Does This Cost?

This is free for as long as the email notification cost is low. I pay for this all out of pocket. If it's abused or the cost gets too high then I'll reevaluate.